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How you can keep your kids safe from underage drinking charges

Juvenile crimes can impact your child in many ways, from resulting in a jail sentence from the courts to having to serve time performing community service. As the holidays approach, one possibility is that some kids will get into trouble with alcohol.

Alcoholic beverages are available more readily around the holiday season, and that means that underage teens and children can find themselves in possession without much difficulty. That in itself is a crime, and add to that the fact that some teens are learning to drive or spending time at parties, and the risk to their safety and the safety of others increases dramatically.

To reduce the risk of your child drinking on the busy New Year's Eve holiday, consider removing alcohol from your home or spending time with your child instead. Social host liability can mean that you could be in trouble with the law if your child provides alcohol to other people who are underage. Interestingly, around 90 percent of seniors in high school say it's easy or would be fairly easy to get alcohol.

If you're allowing your child to have a New Year's Eve party, remember that it's okay to have an alcohol-free event. Opt for drinks that appear alcoholic but aren't if you must; non-alcoholic beer, for example, could be a good alternative, as could non-alcoholic eggnog.

Of course, one of the best things you can do is to talk to your child about the dangers of drinking or possessing alcohol underage, so they understand what kind of impact an arrest could have on their future.

Source: Stop Alcohol Abuse.Gov, "Help Youth Ring in the New Year Safely—and Alcohol Free," accessed Dec. 14, 2016

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