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You can fight allegations of sexual abuse during surgery

If a person is assaulted sexually by a doctor or molested when he or she is at his or her most vulnerable, it's a horrible criminal act that can result in a doctor losing his or her license and facing criminal charges. These incidents are shocking and uncalled for. It's a violation of trust and medical ethics.

Not your average criminal defense firm

At the Law Offices of Jess C. Bedore, III, our number one priority is the defense of our clients against their criminal allegations. In some cases, this involves the strategic negotiation of a plea bargain deal. In others, it involves the dogged defense of our clients all the way to trial. However, aside from the traditional job of a criminal defense lawyer, we have two other priorities: the creation of a judgment-free zone, and the education of our clients.

Social media can be of assistance after a sex crime allegation

If you're accused of a sex crime, its' important to remember that there are ways to get evidence that the other person did consent. For instance, most young adults use Facebook and other social media sites today. Those can give great insight into the person's mood, condition and even what he or she said before an alleged criminal act.

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