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Man drivers vehicle directly into Cameron Park townhouse

An alleged DUI driver drove straight into a Cameron Park apartment building last week. The crash happened just before 4:30 a.m., when the California Highway Patrol received a report of the incident.

According to officers who arrived on scene, the allegedly intoxicated driver's car was found halfway inside a townhouse. Even more frightening is the fact that a female resident of the townhouse was sleeping on a couch not far from where the car entered the building. Miraculously, even though the car actually pushed the couch, the woman was unharmed in the collision.

The force of the crash, which tore through the wall of the building, left the apartment unit red-tagged. What this means is that safety inspectors have deemed the residence unlivable until sufficient repairs have been made.

Just after the collision, the male driver of the vehicle attempted to flee the scene. However, a young man who witnessed the crash was able to capture the driver and bring him to police. At this time, no details pertaining to the driver have been released to the public.

It's fortunate that no one was hurt in this incident. Nevertheless, the extensive property damage caused by the collision could serve to elevate the severity of the driver's DUI charges. Any time there is serious property damage combined with a DUI charge, the accused driver may face elevated criminal consequences. The driver could also be liable for the costs related to the property damage in civil court.

Due to the stiff consequences associated with a drunk driving charge in Placer County, those accused of the offense will want to take their criminal defenses seriously. With the aid of criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with the local judiciary system, DUI defendants will be in excellent hands.

Source: CBS Sacramento, "DUI Suspect Crashes Into Cameron Park Apartment, Unit Red Tagged," Feb. 01, 2017

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