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Social media can be of assistance after a sex crime allegation

If you're accused of a sex crime, its' important to remember that there are ways to get evidence that the other person did consent. For instance, most young adults use Facebook and other social media sites today. Those can give great insight into the person's mood, condition and even what he or she said before an alleged criminal act.

If a person appears too happy, that can be a sign to the court that he or she may not be as affected by an alleged sex crime as he or she is claiming. If that person seeks compensation for emotional distress or for the loss of enjoyment of life, that's what a court expects to see if social media has been used since that date.

Even better for those accused of sex crimes is the possibility of using a previous chat to prove consent or the intent to falsely accuse someone. For example, if you sleep with a girl who you like and have a follow-up conversation about your time together, it suggests that she was fine with everything that happened. For instance, if she writes to you and says "I had a great time, let's do it again!" it would be harder for her to claim anything negative happened on your date. Additionally, if you were to break up with this person, a message like, "I will ruin you!" could be incredibly beneficial in court.

You can discuss evidence like this with your attorney and use it in your defense in many cases. It's important to keep all your digital interactions with the person accusing you, so you can show the events leading up to the claim.

Source: Slate, "Evidence of Life on Facebook," Amanda Hess, accessed Feb. 10, 2017

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