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You can fight allegations of sexual abuse during surgery

If a person is assaulted sexually by a doctor or molested when he or she is at his or her most vulnerable, it's a horrible criminal act that can result in a doctor losing his or her license and facing criminal charges. These incidents are shocking and uncalled for. It's a violation of trust and medical ethics.

As a medical provider, you know that patients sometimes get confused, especially coming out of anesthesia or when they're taking many drugs after surgery. It isn't completely uncommon for them to say they've been inappropriately touched or manipulated, especially when a patient may be hallucinating or confused.

If a patient actually is molested or sexually assaulted, that patient can seek recourse through both the criminal and civil courts. The police receive a report, and a criminal investigation begins. As the person accused, it's important to discuss your case with your attorney for the civil lawsuit. The patient may need to get an independent medical review or have photographs taken by police or the hospital if he or she is making a rape claim or has physical injuries.

It may be harder to prove that a patient was assaulted if he or she was under anesthesia or unconscious at the time. It can help your case if you have video or recordings of what took place in the operating room or witnesses speaking on your behalf.

If you are accused of violating the medical community's ethics, that in itself could lead to severe consequences. You deserve a resolution to this claim. Our website has more information.

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