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Your obligations with guns when a friend has a felony

You're a legal gun owner. One of your friends, however, was convicted of a felony. He or she is out of jail now, but your friend can't actually own a gun. What does this mean for you? Below are some questions you may have:

Can you drive around with your friend and with a gun in the car?

You can. For example, you may have a carry license and keep a gun on your belt. That doesn't mean you can't give your friend a ride. However, your friend should not hold the firearm for any reason, at any time.

Can your friend come to your house?

Maybe you don't carry, but you have guns at your house. Perhaps they're simply for hunting and you rarely get them out. You can invite your friend over. Again, though, the guns are still off-limits to him or her.

Should you lock the guns in a safe?

This is often wise. Doing so ensures that your friend will not ever possess a gun, even without your knowledge. This helps prevent you from getting into legal trouble. If your friend somehow breaks into the safe and possesses a gun, having the safe may show that you tried to prevent it.

Can you buy a gun for your friend?

No. You never can. It may be legal for you to buy, but if you then turn around and give the gun to your friend, you've then committed a crime, as well.

Weapons crimes are very serious, and you always need to know your rights and obligations when dealing with firearms. If you're facing weapons charges in California, you also need to know your defense options.

Source: Concealed Nation, "Friends With Felonies — Can They Mingle With Concealed Carriers?," James England, accessed Feb. 16, 2017

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