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March 2017 Archives

What can you do to defend yourself against sex assault charges?

There are many times when a person is accused of sexual assault when the truth isn't quite that black-and-white. A variety of situations result in these claims, whether it's a spurned lover trying to get back at his or her partner or a date who feels shunned when she sleeps with someone and isn't taken out again.

Defending against underage drunk driving in California

Drinking and driving laws in the state of California are strict, but the DUI laws that apply to underage drinking and driving are particularly severe. For example, drivers who have not yet reached the age of 21, who are caught by police with any trace of alcohol in their blood, will suffer the loss of their driving privileges for a year.

Indirect peer pressure may cause minors to commit crimes

Peer pressure has often been linked to crimes, especially among young people, who tend to be more likely to respond to it. However, a study suggests that simply being close to someone else who has committed a crime may make young people more likely to do so. This is thought of as indirect peer pressure, as they more or less respond to the environment in which they live.

Are gun rights ever restricted?

If you've previously been convicted for a violent crime or were in prison for over a year, then you may already know that you can't own a gun. If you are caught with a weapon when you are not legally allowed to own one, you could face serious penalties including fines and potential jail time.

19-year-old arrested for drunk driving in Roseville

A driver from Roseville was arrested by Santa Cruz police last week and charged with drunk driving. However, before he was eventually arrested, he led authorities on a chase through downtown Santa Cruz after they unsuccessfully tried to pull him over. The 19-year-old man must now face serious charges in criminal court related to DUI, avoiding arrest and other charges.

Physical brain development and the likelihood of crime

When people are accused of crimes, many different factors may come into play, such as their family life, upbringing and social circles. Everyone is different, of course, so these are simply a few common examples. However, one study suggests that a huge contributing factor could be one the person has no control over: the physical development of his or her brain.

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