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Defenses against an underage DUI charge

An underage drinking and driving charge represents a grave threat to the future of a young person. If you're under the age of 21, and you are convicted of operating a vehicle with alcohol in your bloodstream, you could face many life-related setbacks in addition to increased insurance premiums and standard criminal consequences. For example, young intoxicated drivers could lose college scholarships, the ability to enter the university of their choice, job opportunities and more.

Because the consequences of conviction are severe and life changing, those accused of underage DUI will want to take their legal defenses seriously. Here are some defenses that a young driver may be able to employ:

-- The Breathalyzer device and other alcohol testing apparatuses were not functioning at the time you were tested.

-- Those administering the alcohol tests failed to follow proper procedure.

-- Your alleged blood alcohol content (BAC) level falls inside the margin of error for BAC results.

-- You BAC test happened long enough after you were driving that it's possible you're BAC was lower when driving due to rising BAC levels over time after drinking.

-- The alcohol detected by the testing device was in your mouth for another reason -- perhaps due to mouthwash.

-- Police did not have a lawful reason to pull you over.

-- Police did not have a lawful reason to arrest you.

-- Police did not notify you of your rights at the time of arrest.

-- You suffer from acid reflux disorder or GERD.

These are just some of the defenses that may apply to an underage drunk driving charge in California. If you have questions about a recent underage DUI arrest, the Law Offices of Jess C. Bedore, III, is available to answer your questions and educate you on your legal rights and options.

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