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Juvenile penalties: The penalties your child could face

Children and teens make mistakes. It's a sort of right of passage. Parents correct the errors their children have made by penalizing them, and the children learn as a response. In situations where a child commits a crime, it's not that simple to move forward.

If a child is accused of breaking the law, he or she will be involved in a juvenile delinquency case. This case is handled by looking at many factors like the age of your child, the severity of the charge and at your child's criminal record.

When the court decides on a penalty for a juvenile, it can decide to place your child back in your care under court supervision or decide that your child needs to be placed in a foster home, with a relative, in an institution or in a group home. Your child may also be placed on probation and sent to a probation camp.

There is the possibility that your child could be sent to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation in the Division of Juvenile Justice. In the case that your child's case was severe enough, he or she could be tried as an adult regardless of his or her age. If your child is going to be tried as an adult, he or she may be sent to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for adults.

Your attorney can help you better understand what is likely to happen in your child's case. With a strong defense, you can work to make sure your child stays with you or relatives while working through this mistake and the trauma it has caused.

Source: California Courts, "Juvenile Delinquency," accessed May 18, 2017

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