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How do stolen weapons impact weapons crimes?

Weapons crimes all have one thing in common: They use weapons that could maim or kill. An investigation into the gun crimes in California has shown that over 2,500 lost or stolen guns were used in crimes between 2010 and 2015.

Not all crimes are committed with guns, and it's not fair to say that all people who have guns are going to commit crimes. It is interesting, though, that gun crimes are often committed using guns that were purchased by other people for noncriminal purposes.

Stolen guns are typically the weapons used to commit crimes. Why? They aren't tracked back to the actual shooter. Instead, the person who reported the gun missing or who is listed as the owner becomes the suspect. With around 34 guns lost or stolen each day in California, it's easy to see how this can pose a problem for the authorities looking to fight gun crimes.

To determine how many guns were used in crimes after being lost or stolen, an investigation took place to identify the serial numbers of weapons used in crimes and to then compare them to the list of lost or stolen guns. Out of 66,000 crime records obtained, the analysis showed that 2,655 of the guns that were reported as lost or stolen had been used to commit criminal acts.

If you're accused of committing a crime but had lost a gun, you may be one of the many people victimized by those committing crimes with your possessions. You can fight the charges or allegations by showing that your gun was lost or stolen.

Source: KCRA 3, "Thousands of stolen guns in California used in crimes," accessed July 27, 2017

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